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Ugly Sign Reward

Here at Laser Sharp Sign Design we have come up with a contest to reward anybody supporting Laser Sharp Sign Design. There is no limit on winners or how many times you can win. We are simply asking you to help us by spotting ugly signs in your area. We are based out of Tampa, Fl and will be able to replace signs nearby with more ease than one that may be out of state. Either way we want to see your photos!! Along with the picture of the sign you only need to supply us with the sign owners contact info. If the owner goes through with the transaction you will be rewarded with a percentage of what the sign was worth.

All photos should be posted on our Facebook timeline. If you havent liked us just simply click the link below (or copy and paste into URL bar). Once we have your images we will get in touch and keep you updated with the owners decisions. This is a simple way to put cash in your pocket and we sure could use your help!

You can check out our Facebook page to see a few examples of bad signs. In the end its a judgement call if you are having trouble  interpreting a sign theres a good chance other people are having the same problem, all you have to do is take the picture and we will fix it. Some examples of what to look for: wear and tear, fading, discolored, misspelling, knocked down from support, bent or just flat out ugly.

hwy sign



Say your not interested in completely wrapping your vehicle or dont have the money at the time. You can get a magnet, of any size, to put on your car at your discretion. You can use them for advertising, with all your info and logo, or you can just have an image of your choice, Such as a football or baseball. Magnets are in  expensive and easy to apply.

Wall Murals

Laser Sharp Sign Design offers indoor wall murals or custom wallpaper. They are ideal for large indoor wall spaces where texturing is a benefit. These murals are printed on a wallpaper type material, specially formulated for a large format printer. Wall murals and custom wallpaper apply to a wall the same as traditional wallpaper. This is an ideal application for homes, offices, and corporate suits, places where representing your company or just adding decor to the room is beneficial.

You can advertise your business at a convention, or any wall which a high amount of pedestrians walk buy, increasing your amount of views and potentially bring in more business. They can also be used just to add some life to a room. With great quality images blown up to the max it almost makes you feel as if you are in the setting. With the right image and lighting you can have a wall that jumps out at your viewers.



If you dont have signage on and around your company building then how are customers ever suppose to find you? Its incredible the amount of companies that refuse to renew their signs whether theirs are just old or even non existing. As a matter of fact I challenge you to look around more the next time you go for a drive and see how many business you can spot that could use an upgrade on their signs that identify them. Without an identity you are nothing, no one will recognize you, so no one will come. “A business with no sign, is a sign of no business” is what we always say. Don’t let the signage that represents you look old and beat up, that’s where people get their first impression on your company from. When you go to publics the first thing you see is their giant green letters. Right away you know where you are. Its the same for all other companies big or small, customers want to be able to identify you. Make sure that your identity will impress them and give them a good first impression.

Metallic Enhancer

At Laser Sharp Sign Design we have the ability to use the MACtac metallic enhancer which will give your prints a whole new definition. There are many different options with the metallic enhancer to give your prints a fantastic look.This enhancer can be used over digital prints to create a metallic paint like appearance  It can also be placed on colored vinyl to create special effects in your prints. With the ability to add the effect to the graphic or just laminate a ‘regular’ print with this product you can get an awesome look that makes you stand out from the rest.


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