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Ugly Sign Reward

Here at Laser Sharp Sign Design we have come up with a contest to reward anybody supporting Laser Sharp Sign Design. There is no limit on winners or how many times you can win. We are simply asking you to help us by spotting ugly signs in your area. We are based out of Tampa, Fl and will be able to replace signs nearby with more ease than one that may be out of state. Either way we want to see your photos!! Along with the picture of the sign you only need to supply us with the sign owners contact info. If the owner goes through with the transaction you will be rewarded with a percentage of what the sign was worth.

All photos should be posted on our Facebook timeline. If you havent liked us just simply click the link below (or copy and paste into URL bar). Once we have your images we will get in touch and keep you updated with the owners decisions. This is a simple way to put cash in your pocket and we sure could use your help!

You can check out our Facebook page to see a few examples of bad signs. In the end its a judgement call if you are having trouble  interpreting a sign theres a good chance other people are having the same problem, all you have to do is take the picture and we will fix it. Some examples of what to look for: wear and tear, fading, discolored, misspelling, knocked down from support, bent or just flat out ugly.

hwy sign


Laser Sharp Sign Design

Live in Tampa Fl and need a sign of any sort? Come check us out at Laser Sharp Sign Design, located right in Tampa at 301 and Causeway, we are always ready to take any project you may have in store. With great customer service, state of the art technology and printers we will get you in and out quickly and have your sign completed within the week. Our number one goal is to satisfy the customer that starts with kind and friendly service and ends with an on time laser sharp product.

Even if your not sure exactly what you want, come through our doors to see what the show room has to offer. This might help make your decision or you can sit down with an employee and we will help you to come out with the best finished product possible. We have plenty to offer and you have plenty to express, so bring your ideas to us and we will express them with the most laser sharp products possible. Our moto, “A business with no sign, is a sign of no business.”


Interested in NASCAR? One left turn after the next right? Not at all, so much strategy and precision driving is needed in order to be successful on those roads. How about the sponsors that are plastered all over those cars? Yea everyone see’s who’s driving what brand but no one thinks about the strategy and precision that goes into getting those on the car.

There are between 80-100 sponsors on a single car! There is a strategy to figuring out what sponsors are going where (this depending on the amount of money each sponsor pays), then figuring out how to get them to fit in an organized and neat way. You also have to fit a number and sometimes a slogan on the car.

Now did you realize that these cars are all wrapped? I’m talking about cars going up to speeds of 200 mph, bumping into each other and grinding the walls. If that doesn’t show you the durability of a vinyl wrap I don’t know what will.

Now think about the precision of these wraps. They have everything from headlights, taillights, turn signals, from front to back the car is perfectly wrapped with all the features of a regular car and all the sponsor logos in addition. These cars are like speeding billboards getting thousands of views every week. This is a professional sport using vehicle wraps to advertise just like what you can do to advertise your business. Obviously you wont have 80-100 sponsors, but covering your car in just your business, including logo, slogan, number, and any other details of the business will still grab the attention of thousands of potential customers a week! Why not use the number one advertising method to your advantage, call us at Laser Sharp Sign Design and will get you started.

Vehicle Preperation

When wrapping anything, having a clean substrate is the most important part. Every vehicle should be prepared as followed: Wash 24 hours in advance, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol the entire car, use denatured alcohol for tougher areas, Xylene on the bumper and rocker panels. 3M Prep Solvent-70 should be applied everywhere vinyl goes, and a final wash with the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Doing these simple steps is the best way to insure that your vinyl wrap will stick and stay applied for the longest amount of time.

Should You Laminate Your Wrap

Our customers tell us that over laminating their vinyl wraps is a necessity. The vinyl over laminate not only protects the print from fading, abrasion, gasoline, ect., but also strengthens the vinyl which makes installation easier. Using lamination will also make removable of the vinyl easier if and when you decide to do so. The best part about lamination is the extra protection it will give your car. If you ever accidently set a chemical bottle or paint on your vehicle it is no problem with the lamination it will come right off.

This Avalanche is laminated with 8518.


Static Cling

Static cling is a material which has a static side and a print side. Its important that you don’t print on the static side, doing so will cause a bad image and take away the static cling effect.You also want to be sure not to apply the print side to the glass, this could cause for color stains in the glass and will also ruin your image. Static cling material is great to advertise your business by sticking to cars, empty building, essentially anything that will except the cling. If you put your static cling flyers in the right places then you can expand your customer base. People always need some type of service, sometimes their just to lazy to find where and who can provide it for them. So if your providing a service using static cling flyers can be a great way to advertise, because now you take away the searching people would have to do to find your business and give them all the information they need on your flyer. The ability to stick it to peoples cars and office windows gives you more probability of getting hits from people that could use what you have to offer. Static cling print outs are usually smaller but can be a very effective form of advertisement.



Carnivals are always good for the family to get out of the house and have a good time. Games, rides, food, and shows for everyone to enjoy. One of the coolest things are the lights and images on the rides and stands through out the whole carnival. All of these images that are on the rides, the fun houses, food stands and games are vinyl material that is wrapped on to display these fun images. The food carts are pretty standard, they are lite up with lights and display images of their  food with pricing a slogan to get you coming their way. The fun houses are the best. Most fun houses are in the back of semi-trucks and have large amounts of space for crazy “carnival” type imaging. Through the inside and out of a fun house you can be very creative on the imagery. Games are also great to deck out and grab attention. The people that run the games are always haggling you to come try their game and show you that its possible even though you know your probably going to get screwed over. Something that always grabs my attention of a cool game besides the prizes is the graphics and images around the game.

Carnivals use signage in big ways that most people dont think about. I guarantee that most people that read this will have previosley thought that all these things at a carnival were painted on. Their not because vinyl material gives a better image that will hold up longer in whetherand will be more durable. Carny’s are always traveling they can be worried about their signage being damaged, by wrapping their rides, games and food carts they are insuring the best durability possible.



Window Decals

Window decals are easy and inexpensive way to advertise or just put a special image to you on your car. Driving around the streets you see many cars with stickers on their back windows, some are funny, serious, political or are advertising for a company. Window decals are great because everyone who pulls up behind you is going to read what your window has to offer, if its advertisement for your company then you are easily increasing the awareness of your company. If this is something you are interested you can stop by at Laser Sharp Sign Design, will get you in and out with a new image on your back window. People will notice the new addition to your vehicle and you will increase your presence in the area.



The Sign That Represents You

The sign that is on your company or by the road where your company is located is the sign that represents you. This is the sign that everyone sees while passing by. Think about times where you have passed a building with beat and worn signage, that is the same impression that you get on the company itself. If a company cant take the time and money to make themselves look go then what are they going to be able to do for you. That is the same mindset you have to have for your own company. You want people to pass by with the impression that your a professional at what you do. Believe it or not that starts with the signage people see. That gives them their first impression so make sure that it is a positive and professional one.

The below images show the transformation of AGS Stone replacing their old worn signs with new and improved ones. They look much more professional and up to date. The new signs attract attention and will bring in more customers.


The ABC’s of Signage

Attract new customers. Research shows that 80% of your customers either live or work within a 5 mile radius of your company, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau 18.6% move annually. This means that every year you are loosing customers that you must replace with new ones. If you are only interested in sustaining your business then just keep your customer base, but if you want to grow then you have to grow your customer base. The easiest and most economical way to do that is with signage.

Brand the Business. When your business becomes the first place people think about to go get a product, you have reached “top-of-mind awareness” which is built and reinforced through repitition. As I mentioned before 80% of your customers live with 5 miles of your business. Going from and to work, school, shopping, ect and average person passes by you 50-60 times per month. That is a lot of views per person, your sign should command their attention making it easy for them to see and find. Customers make a judgement about your business before they even walk in, thier first judgement comes from your signage. Make sure you have something that is attractive to your customers and also relays the message of what your business produces.

Create Impulse Sales. Everyone has walked into a store before and purchased something that they did not intend to get, know as impulse buying, this happens because of the signage for a product. Money is not the problem for many shoppers, its the time. People do not want to waste time comparing prices or doing research on what they need, most customers go to the first place they know has their item and makes a purchase. The only way for that customer to know that a company has what they need is by the signage that company uses to advertise their product. Best Buy discovered that 17% of their customers were people who did not intend to stop there but did so because they saw the sign.

Another example of a sign creating more business is a auto detail company in California. Belmount Auto Spa, was a profitable business but expected more. They had an old beat up sign that was hard to read from a distance. The lack of color made the lettering contrast with the background and the sign did not make it clear that the Belmount Auto Spa was a car wash. Without recognizing what is was many drivers never stopped. The owner decided to invest $15,000 into a pole-sign that was well designed. The first-read pictoral graphic immediatly identified Belmount Auto Spa as a car wash. The colors were vibrant and lively and there was a reader board to highlight specials such as details. Within the first year the new sign created a 15% increase in overall business which made an additional $135,000 to the businesses income, nearly 9 times the cost of the sign.