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Ugly Sign Reward

Here at Laser Sharp Sign Design we have come up with a contest to reward anybody supporting Laser Sharp Sign Design. There is no limit on winners or how many times you can win. We are simply asking you to help us by spotting ugly signs in your area. We are based out of Tampa, Fl and will be able to replace signs nearby with more ease than one that may be out of state. Either way we want to see your photos!! Along with the picture of the sign you only need to supply us with the sign owners contact info. If the owner goes through with the transaction you will be rewarded with a percentage of what the sign was worth.

All photos should be posted on our Facebook timeline. If you havent liked us just simply click the link below (or copy and paste into URL bar). Once we have your images we will get in touch and keep you updated with the owners decisions. This is a simple way to put cash in your pocket and we sure could use your help!

You can check out our Facebook page to see a few examples of bad signs. In the end its a judgement call if you are having trouble  interpreting a sign theres a good chance other people are having the same problem, all you have to do is take the picture and we will fix it. Some examples of what to look for: wear and tear, fading, discolored, misspelling, knocked down from support, bent or just flat out ugly.

hwy sign


How to Better Your Advertising

Custom graphics are used in every advertisement in South Tampa. Due to over saturation of these kind of marketing strategy, your own product might be lost in the crowd. Find how you can change this and create a better advertising campaign for your brand.
Everywhere in South Tampa, you can see many advertisements with custom graphics decorating every nooks and corner. However, the city is practically saturated with different graphic design that any new product can be easily ignored. Therefore, if you are looking to market your product using these type of strategy you need to seek better professional helps in creating the best custom
graphics for your logos and packaging. You need to have something that stands out from your competitors.
Custom graphics or personalized graphic design is vital in effective branding. There are many ways to utilize this. It will be used to create logos, design packaging, and construct the best banners or other large format printing. Laser Sharp Sign Design in South Tampa provides a myriad of design and printing services to satisfy the needs of various clients especially in Tampa. You might also want to consider visiting creative sign design showrooms to look at actual sample of the many uses of custom graphics. It might give you a better idea on how to advertise your product or business.
As most entrepreneurs or business owners will be looking into this particular method, you must find a niche or specific branding to separate yourself from the rest of your competitors. Nowadays, effective graphic design are eye catching, memorable and in many cases, controversial. Every good marketer understands that any publicity is a good publicity. In a bustling, heavy populated city like South Tampa, you will need to stand over the rest. It should start with your product branding; on how you introduce your business or products in terms of logos, packaging and other utilization of graphic design.
It is vital that your advertising is better than your competitor is. Therefore, it is best for you to seek the advice from well-experience design consultant from respective design and printing companies. Marketing consultants are essential too. By combining both teams, you would be able to create an effective and unforgettable branding.


If you dont have signage on and around your company building then how are customers ever suppose to find you? Its incredible the amount of companies that refuse to renew their signs whether theirs are just old or even non existing. As a matter of fact I challenge you to look around more the next time you go for a drive and see how many business you can spot that could use an upgrade on their signs that identify them. Without an identity you are nothing, no one will recognize you, so no one will come. “A business with no sign, is a sign of no business” is what we always say. Don’t let the signage that represents you look old and beat up, that’s where people get their first impression on your company from. When you go to publics the first thing you see is their giant green letters. Right away you know where you are. Its the same for all other companies big or small, customers want to be able to identify you. Make sure that your identity will impress them and give them a good first impression.

Channel Letters Material Options


Channel letters are one of the best signs to choose from to mark your business. When I say mark your business I mean these are the best signage piece to go with for the front of your company, these should be used above your front door to attract passing customers and identify your company.

Then industry standard for backings of channel letters is made from a aluminum with either a pre-painted finish or a mill finish. Other types of finishes could be anodized, brushed anodized and mirrored, the difference can be found in the thickness of the aluminum. The facing of the letters is where you can get more customized and create your own identity by selecting from color schemes material types, size and trim of the letters. The material for the facing of the letters comes in any color you would like, depending on the type of material you choose the LED lights will shine brightly making your letters brighter or dimmed down some by the material giving you a deeper color. Before LED lights were the standard channel letters did not have the depth they do know and were not as vibrant. Now the depth has been increased and the LED lights are very effective in lighting up the letters making them colorful and easily visible. Channel letters are a great  for getting attention during the day and night, they are big and easily read making it easy for customers to locate or stumble across your company. Either way they are a great and inexpensive investment to attract more business.

Road Signs

When your driving down the street every which way you look there are signs. Grocery stores, fast food, gas station, and resturaunts are seen every where. But what about the small business located between all those places? Sometimes those are the signs that are over looked. There have been times where I knew the place I was looking for but still drive past it because their sign doesnt stick out like the rest. This is your road sign, the sign people can use to locate your business, also the sign that people can recognize your business by.

Driving through the streets of Tampa I have seen some really bad signs by the road. Beat, torn, faded and more. How am I suppose to call a company if the signs so faded I cant read it. Business owners dont realize that this is a vital piece of business, this sign is thier identity and without an identity your business is nothings besides a building. 

These are the problems that we want to fix at Laser Sharp Sign Design. Get the small businesses out from underneath these large corporations signs that are hiding thiers. Does this mean get a sign that is bigger than any other out there? Well that might work, but no. This means come to Laser Sharp Sign Design where we can create an eye popping laser sharp product that will grab the attention of every person who drives by. Size does not always win the fight, quality plays a large role and with high quality signs from Laser Sharp Sign Design your signage will be getting all the attention of those big corporations and some.

The Sign That Represents You

The sign that is on your company or by the road where your company is located is the sign that represents you. This is the sign that everyone sees while passing by. Think about times where you have passed a building with beat and worn signage, that is the same impression that you get on the company itself. If a company cant take the time and money to make themselves look go then what are they going to be able to do for you. That is the same mindset you have to have for your own company. You want people to pass by with the impression that your a professional at what you do. Believe it or not that starts with the signage people see. That gives them their first impression so make sure that it is a positive and professional one.

The below images show the transformation of AGS Stone replacing their old worn signs with new and improved ones. They look much more professional and up to date. The new signs attract attention and will bring in more customers.