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Ugly Sign Reward

Here at Laser Sharp Sign Design we have come up with a contest to reward anybody supporting Laser Sharp Sign Design. There is no limit on winners or how many times you can win. We are simply asking you to help us by spotting ugly signs in your area. We are based out of Tampa, Fl and will be able to replace signs nearby with more ease than one that may be out of state. Either way we want to see your photos!! Along with the picture of the sign you only need to supply us with the sign owners contact info. If the owner goes through with the transaction you will be rewarded with a percentage of what the sign was worth.

All photos should be posted on our Facebook timeline. If you havent liked us just simply click the link below (or copy and paste into URL bar). Once we have your images we will get in touch and keep you updated with the owners decisions. This is a simple way to put cash in your pocket and we sure could use your help!

You can check out our Facebook page to see a few examples of bad signs. In the end its a judgement call if you are having trouble  interpreting a sign theres a good chance other people are having the same problem, all you have to do is take the picture and we will fix it. Some examples of what to look for: wear and tear, fading, discolored, misspelling, knocked down from support, bent or just flat out ugly.

hwy sign


Special Effects Vinyl

Use Special Effect Vinyl to create a visually stunning graphics that boost your profits. When being manufactured colors are incorporated into the resins not just surfaced dyed. This improves durability and permanence, the colors will not scratch off!I will introduce a few specialty vinyls to you starting with Decorative Diffrato-Lite Mosaic. This type of vinyl is for interior use only. The light diffraction creates the appearance that the intricate interlocking geometric pattern is in motion. Another type of specialty vinyl is Decorative Multi-lens. This type of vinyl is also for interior use only, continually repeating patterns of 3D concave or convex lenses that create the effect of metallic spheres. For a special effect vinyl that has outdoor durability you should go with Diffracto-Lite Brite Overall. This is a smooth silver iridescent vinyl that appears to change colors when viewed from different angles or in different light. There are many more specialty film styles that can be used to give your print, whether its a vehicle wrap or a banner, that wow factor to grab the attention of people everywhere.

 Decorative Diffracto-Lite Mosaic                                  Decorative Multi-Lens


 Diffracto-Lite Brite Overall

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