Digital Signage

With all the new technology hitting the streets, its just a matter of time before signs are all digital. With higher resolution it is easier on the eyes, helping people to pick up colors and visuals better. It also allows for an advertising system where more then one company can be advertised on a sign. With the ability to play through a few different images it makes it easy for multiple companies to advertise with one sign. Digital signage is also great to display dates of sales or events. They are able to give a statement allowing viewers to get some details about the company or event rather then just a name. This is an awesome advertising tool that is not used effectively in today’s advertising. It would be the equivalent of having a commercial on the sign in front of your building. They have casing that protect them from water and any other elements. So no worries about repairs, another advantage is that your sign wont fade or wear out.

Look at New York City, the place it lite up from building to building. Producing thousand of advertisement for all different companies.



Wrap Care

If you have transformed your bland old paint job into a unique or business advertising vehicle wrap, I would like to congratulate you. You have now successfully put your car into a new realm that will have all the people on the streets looking your way. Having a vinyl wrap is different then a paint job and requires a little different care.

1) Automatic car washes are now out of the question. The high pressure water and bristles from the machine will cause damage to your wrap and costly repairs. You should hand wash your car with a sponge, and a low pressure or mist of water. If you have to use a high pressure water system be sure to stand back at a distance and not to hold the stream on one point of the car, doing so could cause a tear in your vinyl.

2) When using wax, be sure to hand wax your car and DO NOT use a buffer. There are different kinds of wax, be sure to use one that is suitable for vinyl such as turtle wax. If you go to get your vehicle detailed be sure that they also use a wax that is vinyl friendly. Waxing your vehicle will keep your wrap clean and polished and also make it easier to deinstall of the wrap, leaving little to no adhesive behind.

3) Avoid parking under trees for any long periods of time. Sap from some trees can damage your wrap causing you more money.

4) If you have window perf it should be waxed as well. It will give your perf a longer life span and help the lamination. Do not use high pressure on the window perf as well, it can also cause damage.

Be sure to protect your wrap, it is an investment and bad care can cause to money down the drain.

Wall Murals

Laser Sharp Sign Design offers indoor wall murals or custom wallpaper. They are ideal for large indoor wall spaces where texturing is a benefit. These murals are printed on a wallpaper type material, specially formulated for a large format printer. Wall murals and custom wallpaper apply to a wall the same as traditional wallpaper. This is an ideal application for homes, offices, and corporate suits, places where representing your company or just adding decor to the room is beneficial.

You can advertise your business at a convention, or any wall which a high amount of pedestrians walk buy, increasing your amount of views and potentially bring in more business. They can also be used just to add some life to a room. With great quality images blown up to the max it almost makes you feel as if you are in the setting. With the right image and lighting you can have a wall that jumps out at your viewers.


Motorcycle Wrap

Beyond wrapping your vehicle, you can also wrap motorcycles. It is not often that you see advertisement on a motorcycle, unless they are in a race. This allows for more creativity to give your bike that special wow factor to make people take a second glance while your riding down the road. This is my 2001 Yamaha R6, while riding around I have received many compliments and people even asking if it was a custom paint job. Express your creativity through the wrap on your motorcycle like I did with this negative vapor skull wrap. Raise eyebrows and be visible every time you put your two wheels on the streets!

How to Better Your Advertising

Custom graphics are used in every advertisement in South Tampa. Due to over saturation of these kind of marketing strategy, your own product might be lost in the crowd. Find how you can change this and create a better advertising campaign for your brand.
Everywhere in South Tampa, you can see many advertisements with custom graphics decorating every nooks and corner. However, the city is practically saturated with different graphic design that any new product can be easily ignored. Therefore, if you are looking to market your product using these type of strategy you need to seek better professional helps in creating the best custom
graphics for your logos and packaging. You need to have something that stands out from your competitors.
Custom graphics or personalized graphic design is vital in effective branding. There are many ways to utilize this. It will be used to create logos, design packaging, and construct the best banners or other large format printing. Laser Sharp Sign Design in South Tampa provides a myriad of design and printing services to satisfy the needs of various clients especially in Tampa. You might also want to consider visiting creative sign design showrooms to look at actual sample of the many uses of custom graphics. It might give you a better idea on how to advertise your product or business.
As most entrepreneurs or business owners will be looking into this particular method, you must find a niche or specific branding to separate yourself from the rest of your competitors. Nowadays, effective graphic design are eye catching, memorable and in many cases, controversial. Every good marketer understands that any publicity is a good publicity. In a bustling, heavy populated city like South Tampa, you will need to stand over the rest. It should start with your product branding; on how you introduce your business or products in terms of logos, packaging and other utilization of graphic design.
It is vital that your advertising is better than your competitor is. Therefore, it is best for you to seek the advice from well-experience design consultant from respective design and printing companies. Marketing consultants are essential too. By combining both teams, you would be able to create an effective and unforgettable branding.

Virtual Previews

With state of the art technology at Laser Sharp Sign Design our graphic designers are able to take pictures of anything, cars, signs, ect. and create a virtual image of what it would look like after we install it. This gives our customers more confidence as they are able to see exactly what their finished product would look like.

On vehicles for instance, we can take a shot of every side of your car or truck and then our graphic designer will create and apply it to the vehicle electronically. This gives you a perfect mock up of the future look of your vehicle. It also allows for us to create a few different designs and gives you the ability to have the choice between two or three styles.


Laser Sharp Sign Design

Live in Tampa Fl and need a sign of any sort? Come check us out at Laser Sharp Sign Design, located right in Tampa at 301 and Causeway, we are always ready to take any project you may have in store. With great customer service, state of the art technology and printers we will get you in and out quickly and have your sign completed within the week. Our number one goal is to satisfy the customer that starts with kind and friendly service and ends with an on time laser sharp product.

Even if your not sure exactly what you want, come through our doors to see what the show room has to offer. This might help make your decision or you can sit down with an employee and we will help you to come out with the best finished product possible. We have plenty to offer and you have plenty to express, so bring your ideas to us and we will express them with the most laser sharp products possible. Our moto, “A business with no sign, is a sign of no business.”


Interested in NASCAR? One left turn after the next right? Not at all, so much strategy and precision driving is needed in order to be successful on those roads. How about the sponsors that are plastered all over those cars? Yea everyone see’s who’s driving what brand but no one thinks about the strategy and precision that goes into getting those on the car.

There are between 80-100 sponsors on a single car! There is a strategy to figuring out what sponsors are going where (this depending on the amount of money each sponsor pays), then figuring out how to get them to fit in an organized and neat way. You also have to fit a number and sometimes a slogan on the car.

Now did you realize that these cars are all wrapped? I’m talking about cars going up to speeds of 200 mph, bumping into each other and grinding the walls. If that doesn’t show you the durability of a vinyl wrap I don’t know what will.

Now think about the precision of these wraps. They have everything from headlights, taillights, turn signals, from front to back the car is perfectly wrapped with all the features of a regular car and all the sponsor logos in addition. These cars are like speeding billboards getting thousands of views every week. This is a professional sport using vehicle wraps to advertise just like what you can do to advertise your business. Obviously you wont have 80-100 sponsors, but covering your car in just your business, including logo, slogan, number, and any other details of the business will still grab the attention of thousands of potential customers a week! Why not use the number one advertising method to your advantage, call us at Laser Sharp Sign Design and will get you started.

Matte Colors

Matte colors are no longer just for primer, they are becoming a new style that is taking the creativity of colors to new levels. This green VW Jetta got wrapped in a matte black followed up by carbon fiber on the hood, roof, mirrors, and gas tank to give it more character. A color in which most people look at as a “primer” or unfinished paint job is now a new style that is starting to get some second looks while driving down the streets. Almost every car on the road has a gloss finish, and the ones that don’t are unfinished paint jobs or cars with replacement parts from junk yards. Obviously when half your car is gloss and half is matte it is not going to look good, but instead of going all gloss you can change the style and go all matte. Now you have a new style that gets people to look your way. But don’t think going out and painting your car matte will solve your problems and there’s a few reasons for that. One being that a primer paint will not hold up for very long, after the weather beats on it, it will start to fade and even have spots where your gloss color sneaks out from underneath. Now you have a matte color with spots of gloss color shining on it. Another reason being why mess up the initial factory color of your car? Once you paint it your stuck with that color until you paint it again. With a vinyl wrap you can put on this color, which will last 5-7 years, then when you decide to sell the vehicle or that you are sick of the color you can remove the wrap and you are back to your original factory color. No damage done to the paint, as a matter of fact the vinyl acts as a protector to your paint underneath.


If you dont have signage on and around your company building then how are customers ever suppose to find you? Its incredible the amount of companies that refuse to renew their signs whether theirs are just old or even non existing. As a matter of fact I challenge you to look around more the next time you go for a drive and see how many business you can spot that could use an upgrade on their signs that identify them. Without an identity you are nothing, no one will recognize you, so no one will come. “A business with no sign, is a sign of no business” is what we always say. Don’t let the signage that represents you look old and beat up, that’s where people get their first impression on your company from. When you go to publics the first thing you see is their giant green letters. Right away you know where you are. Its the same for all other companies big or small, customers want to be able to identify you. Make sure that your identity will impress them and give them a good first impression.