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Ugly Sign Reward

Here at Laser Sharp Sign Design we have come up with a contest to reward anybody supporting Laser Sharp Sign Design. There is no limit on winners or how many times you can win. We are simply asking you to help us by spotting ugly signs in your area. We are based out of Tampa, Fl and will be able to replace signs nearby with more ease than one that may be out of state. Either way we want to see your photos!! Along with the picture of the sign you only need to supply us with the sign owners contact info. If the owner goes through with the transaction you will be rewarded with a percentage of what the sign was worth.

All photos should be posted on our Facebook timeline. If you havent liked us just simply click the link below (or copy and paste into URL bar). Once we have your images we will get in touch and keep you updated with the owners decisions. This is a simple way to put cash in your pocket and we sure could use your help!

You can check out our Facebook page to see a few examples of bad signs. In the end its a judgement call if you are having trouble  interpreting a sign theres a good chance other people are having the same problem, all you have to do is take the picture and we will fix it. Some examples of what to look for: wear and tear, fading, discolored, misspelling, knocked down from support, bent or just flat out ugly.

hwy sign


Etched Glass

Etched glass is the type of look you usually see when walking into a business such as a bank. It has a defined look that allows for privacy but also looks professional. It is frosted out glass blurs out everything in the room. Although it is a cool look you have to be careful in the ways you use it. It is very hard to read small etched glass lettering on doors and even harder if the light is hitting it the wrong way. Etched glass needs to have proper lighting  and environment in order to look good. I would suggest not using it as the small lettering on the outside of your office door. If you have big letters or an image such as your logo that would be much more visible in etched glass. This is a very unique look that will add a little more class to your office.

Engraved Signs

At Laser Sharp Sign Design we offer a wide variety of engraved signs such as plaques, awards, trophies, crystal, glass, medal, lapel pins, and more that can be customized any way you like. Engraved signs are not so much for advertisment, they are better used as awards or direction indicators.


Awards are always nice, in the business setting or casual setting. Employees should be recognized for good dedicated work with a plaque or trophy showing their effort. With the ability to customize the wording you can make it out to anyone for anything. Another good investment for engraved signs is for kids sports. These days everyones getting trophies win or loose, make sure that your winning team comes to Laser Sharp Sign Design so we can give you the biggest and sharpest looking trophies. These awards are nice gestures and good memorabilia so make sure you get them done nice so people are proud to look back on accomplishments.

Another good use for engraved signs are direction indicators. When walking into a large office building there is a front desk to point you where you need to go. Usually as soon as you walk away you forget or loose track of the directions. Thats why its nice to have engraved signs with arrows pointing to specific locations. These help your customers to find your location easier and takes away any unneeded tension by not knowing where they are. Engraved signs have a very unique and nice look to them, making them easy to look at and read. These signs are overlooked because they are small and not used often, but they do have an effect on the appeal of your business. If you walked into a company that had computer paper taped to the wall and a persons writing of where to go that would look very unprofessional. Its not all about the big things that give your company that special touch, make sure that you look good in and out. At Laser Sharp Sign Design we can get you on your way, just give us a phone call for an estimate today!