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Helmet Graphic Stickers

Stickers can be very effective imagery if used the correct way. Those interested in motorcycles will start looking at the protective gear they wear in different ways. With the ability to print any graphic at any size wanted you can spend less money on helmets with cool graphics and images and buy the less expensive single color ones. Than head to Laser Sharp Sign Design where we can create you your own custom image for your helmet. We will install onto the helmet for you and just like that you have your own custom graphic helmet. Everyone wants to ride in style and now you can make your own. Another big advantage is when you get tired of the image you have on your helmet you can bring it in and create a new one. We will simply remove the sticker that is on your helmet and put on the new one. This is a great way for you to save money, ride in style, and leave yourself the ability to make changes.


Before/After Signage

World of Floors in Tampa Fl decided that it as time for an upgrade in their signage. As you can see in images they go from a plain white and red banner hanging about their door to a illuminated light box sign. The new signage makes their appearance much more professional and easy to read. Customers notice the way your company represents itself, seeing a banner represent a company that insures quality work leaves doubt in a customers mind. Having professional signage is the difference between showing up to an interview in pajamas or in a suit and tie. You have to represent your business the way you would want to be when trying to attract customers, high quality and professional. World of Floors also added a street sign to help attract more customers from the road. This is big for their business, now they can attract customers that may have never known they were there. Know with new signage and a new business logo created by Laser Sharp Sign Design’s graphic artist World of Floors will draw much more attention and increase their customer awareness.

Before                                                                         After

Street Sign


Carnivals are always good for the family to get out of the house and have a good time. Games, rides, food, and shows for everyone to enjoy. One of the coolest things are the lights and images on the rides and stands through out the whole carnival. All of these images that are on the rides, the fun houses, food stands and games are vinyl material that is wrapped on to display these fun images. The food carts are pretty standard, they are lite up with lights and display images of their  food with pricing a slogan to get you coming their way. The fun houses are the best. Most fun houses are in the back of semi-trucks and have large amounts of space for crazy “carnival” type imaging. Through the inside and out of a fun house you can be very creative on the imagery. Games are also great to deck out and grab attention. The people that run the games are always haggling you to come try their game and show you that its possible even though you know your probably going to get screwed over. Something that always grabs my attention of a cool game besides the prizes is the graphics and images around the game.

Carnivals use signage in big ways that most people dont think about. I guarantee that most people that read this will have previosley thought that all these things at a carnival were painted on. Their not because vinyl material gives a better image that will hold up longer in whetherand will be more durable. Carny’s are always traveling they can be worried about their signage being damaged, by wrapping their rides, games and food carts they are insuring the best durability possible.




Sponsorship’s are great ways to advertise and get your business recognized. Although they come at a cost they are very effective and have a time period which they will last. At Laser Sharp Sign Design we get a lot of banners requested for sponsors at places such as sporting facilities. This type of banner may be laid out different then one you would put right in front of your business. When you are creating a sponsorship, in this example were gonna create in for a sporting facility, you want to grab attention give as much information as possible. This may be a case where you want your banner to have a background. A background that we previously did for a sponsorship was a baseball field with the company information over top of it. This makes the banner relate to the environment that it is in, then when people see what company the banner is for they will start to relate baseball to the banners sponsor.

In the image below you see the background of the baseball field with Fish Hawk Pizzeria in bold red letters that stand out and give plenty of information. When people see this sign they will relate baseball to pizza. For Fish Hawk Pizzeria this has generated a lot of business, now when games are over people have the idea of pizza in their head and they go there to get some.

Etched Glass

Etched glass is the type of look you usually see when walking into a business such as a bank. It has a defined look that allows for privacy but also looks professional. It is frosted out glass blurs out everything in the room. Although it is a cool look you have to be careful in the ways you use it. It is very hard to read small etched glass lettering on doors and even harder if the light is hitting it the wrong way. Etched glass needs to have proper lighting  and environment in order to look good. I would suggest not using it as the small lettering on the outside of your office door. If you have big letters or an image such as your logo that would be much more visible in etched glass. This is a very unique look that will add a little more class to your office.


When working with customers, whether it be on a banner, poster, retail sign, vehicle wrap, ect we have the ability to give them a proof. This is a virtual image of what their signage will look like, this is very helpful because if we were to just print things there would be things wrong and when we have to reprint that waste time, money and materials. It is important to us to have the customer satisfied before we even print. Proofs are a great way for us to work with our customers on making their image look exactly how they want it. It also allows us to be creative and give them different options to choose from. If a customer is unsure of what they want our graphic designer will come up with 2 or 3 proofs for the customer to choose from and get ideas.

The following images show the proofs of a vehicle and trailer wrap. They are images of what they would look like after we applied the new wraps.

Work Vehicles

Companies that provide a service usually have a fleet of work trucks to go on job sites. These trucks are a big investment, but if used correctly you can use that as a huge advertisement tool and gain a lot more business. When you make this investment one of the first things to mind should be making them into billboards on wheels. Whether you choose to go vehicle wrap or decals your trucks should be plastered with your logo, name and information about your company. It is a huge advantage to have trucks like these on site because now you are physically showing people who drive by the service you provide. When people see what you are doing the first thing they will do is look for your work truck. This is where it is important not only to make sure that you are advertising on your truck, but doing it to the best of your ability. I have talked a lot about the signs that represent you, this has the same effect. If people see the service but then see a truck with beat and worn signage representing the company they will most likely keep passing by without a care. But if your truck has good color and graphics that will grab peoples attention and make them more interested in the service that you are providing. It goes back to looking professional, even with the economy in a slump people still want professional work, its essential that they get things done right the first time and there’s no better way to show that your that company then giving them a great first impression from your image.

The below images show a work truck before and after getting updated signage. It makes the truck much more visible and easy to read. Customers don’t look at the type of work vehicle you use, they care about the image that you create for yourself. People will recognize a vehicle with good signage on it no matter what type it is, that is your advertisement and its what convinces people to use your service.

Window Decals

Window decals are easy and inexpensive way to advertise or just put a special image to you on your car. Driving around the streets you see many cars with stickers on their back windows, some are funny, serious, political or are advertising for a company. Window decals are great because everyone who pulls up behind you is going to read what your window has to offer, if its advertisement for your company then you are easily increasing the awareness of your company. If this is something you are interested you can stop by at Laser Sharp Sign Design, will get you in and out with a new image on your back window. People will notice the new addition to your vehicle and you will increase your presence in the area.



The Sign That Represents You

The sign that is on your company or by the road where your company is located is the sign that represents you. This is the sign that everyone sees while passing by. Think about times where you have passed a building with beat and worn signage, that is the same impression that you get on the company itself. If a company cant take the time and money to make themselves look go then what are they going to be able to do for you. That is the same mindset you have to have for your own company. You want people to pass by with the impression that your a professional at what you do. Believe it or not that starts with the signage people see. That gives them their first impression so make sure that it is a positive and professional one.

The below images show the transformation of AGS Stone replacing their old worn signs with new and improved ones. They look much more professional and up to date. The new signs attract attention and will bring in more customers.