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Reflective Wraps

A reflective vinyl is something that you dont see often unless it is on a vehicle of authority. Although you can do a full reflective vehicle wrap it is not something that I would recommend. Reflective vinyl is a good use for a strip or decal on your vehicle. It would give your vehicle that distinguishing factor that sets it apart from the rest. You will notice that the decals on the side of a police car are reflective wrap, they don’t always seem to be reflective especially during the day but, when your lights shine on a police car at night all of their decals light up, allowing you to see them clearly and even read what county the cops from.

Reflective vinyl could be a good use for advertisement, during the day it would look like a normal car wrap with all your business information. Then at night your business information would be shining in the lights. You would get the attention of many drivers during the night just because of the reflective vinyl, once you have their attention they are going to read the information on you vehicle. This is a creative way not only to get attention but to advertise your company in a new and effective way.


Construction Signs

Construction signs are useful for construction companies and people on the road. It is easy to distinguish the bright orange sign on the sie of the road and know that its for construction. These signs are overlooked, they save workers life’s everyday by giving warnings to drivers on the road. Without signs like these it would be inevitable before someone not paying attention hit a road worker. Although its no fun to get caught up in construction on the road these signs are very important in helping contractors establish their work sites and give their employees a safe work place. Be aware of these signs, they are for the good of yourself and people working on the road, they are put there for a reason and should be followed. Signs are important in everyday living and although they may not save your life there are life’s out there that they do protect.



Decals are a good way to add effects to your vehicle without getting a full vehicle wrap. There are an endless number of decals you can get to put on your vehicle. A decal can be an image or wording of the customers choice that can be placed on any part of the vehicle to make it more then just a colored vehicle. A decal can be placed anywhere on a vehicle, the most common parts are the hood, tailgate, or side door panels. Decals can be used for looks, like adding an image of something that interest you or they can be used to advertise your business. You can take your name and logo and put it on the hood and side of your car, this wouldnt be as effective as a vehicle wrap but it still gets your name on the streets. You may loose some information such as a number, address and small details of what your business is about but one way or the other you are still getting the name of your business seen by thousands of people. Decals are a great way to advertise and also a great way to give your car the special custom look if thats what your looking for.


Weeding is the process of getting just the imaging or letters you want from a piece of cut-vinyl. When are working with cut-vinyl you start with a whole piece of vinyl to put into the cutter. The graphic design sets up the image that needs to be set up and tells the cutter when to start cutting. The cutter uses dimensions of the vinyl in order to make exact cuts. The machine is very quick and precise, it uses a tiny blade connected to the “head” which stores the dimensions and controls the cuts on the vinyl.

Once the machine is done the process of weeding begins. Depending on the color of the vinyl the cut lines can be easy or hard to see. Use the lighting around you in order to find them. When weeding you have to remember that you want to leave the image that you cut out on the paper, meaning that you are “weeding” or peeling away the outer parts of the image. At the end of the process you should be left with the image that your machine cut out still on the paper. This allows you to transfer the image to a wax paper, then from there place it onto the substrate you want.

An example that shows how important this type of installment is name, number, and office hours on doors of business. Have you ever wondering, wow how did they get all these letters so strait? They didnt, the machine cuts them out strait and then they are just transferred from the wax paper to the door. This gives the installer the ability to make all the letters strait without having to apply them one by one.

QR Codes

You have probably seen these small digital looking boxes around before, but unless your involved in marketing you might not have understood what they do. QR stands for quick response. These codes are created to give your customers a simple way to get to your site, see promotions, or describe the product that they scanned the code from. You can use these codes to advertise anything, just tell your customers to scan them and see what the code has to offer. All they need is a smart phone and to download a QR scanner app, some smartphones are coming with this scanner as a stock app. Once they scan it with their phone it will direct them strait to the page that the code is set for. This is a great tool in advertising to give your customers a new and simple way to view your products, see sales and get descriptions on what they are buying. If you use these QR codes effectively you can gain a lot of customer visibility and will keep your customers active with your business by having them stay up to date with what your business is offering.

Sporting Facilities

Sporting facilities such as little leagues or high schools are prime spots for signage and advertisement. There are many posters and banners that wrap around the fence from behind the plate to center field. Each banner has advertisement from any business which has payed a small fee in order to have a banner on the field. This is a great spot for advertisement, not only are you supporting the town sports complex and kids who play there but you are also getting a lot of recognition from parents and family that will bring business to you. Banners are not always the cheapest in price but they give you a great quality picture and can last for a very long amount of time if taken care of properly.

Another thing a little league or high school needs are signs rewarding district, regional and state champions. Every sport complex you walk in honors the players and teams who have accomplished excellence. As a sporting complex these signs should be used as your sales tactic for people who are debating which league to put their kids in. If you show them high quality signs of past champions you show them that it is about the player, they will be honored and that your little league is the place to be if you want to win.

Debate Signage

With all the hype of the 2012 Presidential debate I want to point out the debate signage and Large Format Printing, Posters, Yard Signs, ect. Anyone in politics trying to run for any government positions understands that the type and amount of signage they use is very critical is their political run. The more signage they have posted around the more people they get to see their signs and talk about them. When you pass by a Obama or Romney poster, it makes you think about the debate and start to wonder who your gonna vote for if you haven’t decided already. It starts with the initial decision to run for a position. You immediately want to start getting posters and road/yard signs in as many places as possible. These signs may be smaller but they attract many views because there is so many in every district. An example of a big road sign is a billboard, these also get many views being placed on highways where constant traffic is flowing.

Now we are in actual debate where the presidents have been talking in large groups of audience and on national television. You will notice that unlike in the speeches the President and Governor gave while running there are no signs of either party in the debates. But there is still Large Format Printings set behind them for a background. While running Large Format Printing is used to be an image of their face and a slogan to represent themselves.

In other situations that are not political Large Format Printing is still a great sign that can be used for other speeches and conventions. They can fit a lot of advertisement or information for your company if your using one at a convention.


The Power of Signage

Signs are under rated and over-looked, just like long snappers in the NFL. Signs are very powerful and create a huge impact on the outcome of your company. Whether people realize it or not they are always scanning the roads while driving looking at all the different signs that over populate each side. Every corner you turn there is a new business complex full of 10-15 businesses each with its own sign. With that many signs for people to look at you need to make sure yours is the one grabbing thier attention. Customers wont know that they can go to your business for a product untill they see the sign that shows them your business is there, and when they see that sign they make their first judgement on the type of company you are, what you produce, and the way you portray your company. Your signage is like the initial greeting to your customers, if its hard to read and out of place not many people are going to go further then just reading your company name (if they can even do that). If your sign is easy to read and has good color customers will be able to read and make a positive first judgement on your company.

Signage goes beyond the front of your store. Billboards, banners, and most effective vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are one of the most powerful forms of signage. Creating hundreds of thousandof views per year for your company, a custom vehicle wrap can be the most economical and effective form of advertisment for your business. Vehicle wraps allow you to become creative so that you are catching the attention of other drivers while at the same time they are very informative. Vehicles have plenty of room to fit your comapany name, phone number and many examples of what your comapany is producing. Instead of sitting back and waiting for business to come to you, its like your going out and grabbing more business.

Your signage is the starting block of your comapny. If you dont make a good base its going to be hard to build up from there. Invest money to make your signs the one people are looking at. The turnover will be worth it and you will make your maney back in no time. Give us a call at Laser Sharp Sign Design and we will have you on your way to gaining more business with your new custom signs!

The ABC’s of Signage

Attract new customers. Research shows that 80% of your customers either live or work within a 5 mile radius of your company, but according to the U.S. Census Bureau 18.6% move annually. This means that every year you are loosing customers that you must replace with new ones. If you are only interested in sustaining your business then just keep your customer base, but if you want to grow then you have to grow your customer base. The easiest and most economical way to do that is with signage.

Brand the Business. When your business becomes the first place people think about to go get a product, you have reached “top-of-mind awareness” which is built and reinforced through repitition. As I mentioned before 80% of your customers live with 5 miles of your business. Going from and to work, school, shopping, ect and average person passes by you 50-60 times per month. That is a lot of views per person, your sign should command their attention making it easy for them to see and find. Customers make a judgement about your business before they even walk in, thier first judgement comes from your signage. Make sure you have something that is attractive to your customers and also relays the message of what your business produces.

Create Impulse Sales. Everyone has walked into a store before and purchased something that they did not intend to get, know as impulse buying, this happens because of the signage for a product. Money is not the problem for many shoppers, its the time. People do not want to waste time comparing prices or doing research on what they need, most customers go to the first place they know has their item and makes a purchase. The only way for that customer to know that a company has what they need is by the signage that company uses to advertise their product. Best Buy discovered that 17% of their customers were people who did not intend to stop there but did so because they saw the sign.

Another example of a sign creating more business is a auto detail company in California. Belmount Auto Spa, was a profitable business but expected more. They had an old beat up sign that was hard to read from a distance. The lack of color made the lettering contrast with the background and the sign did not make it clear that the Belmount Auto Spa was a car wash. Without recognizing what is was many drivers never stopped. The owner decided to invest $15,000 into a pole-sign that was well designed. The first-read pictoral graphic immediatly identified Belmount Auto Spa as a car wash. The colors were vibrant and lively and there was a reader board to highlight specials such as details. Within the first year the new sign created a 15% increase in overall business which made an additional $135,000 to the businesses income, nearly 9 times the cost of the sign.

Sign Placement

Sign placement is a critical step in buying and installing a sign. Obviously you want your sign in a location where you are going to get the most views but it also has to be visible to the right people at the right time. For instance if your company is on a busy road with a lot of traffic you need your sign somewhere that can be seen from both sides of the road and also give drivers the chance to see it and make a decision to stop if they want to do so. The best way to mount  a sign by the road is perpendicular, with a good amount of hieght to enable view from a greater distance.

Research shows that if a sign is mounted on the fron of a building instead of perpendicular to the road, it needs to be 70% larger in order for it to be read in time. Also note that the more letters and words your sign has the longer it will take to read. Driving is already a hassel for most people on the road, when those people are now trying to look for signs to get somewhere it becomes even more difficult. These tips are not only good to gain new business and help advertise but also to make it easy for your customers to find your location. If potential customers never see your sign then you wont be getting much business. Iv said it before and I will say it again, a business with no sign is a sign of no business.

The table below shows the amount of time a driver needs to read and stop for your sign at different speeds:

Minimum Required Legibility Distances in Varying Situations
Speed (MPH) With lane change (in feet) Without lane change (in feet)
25-30 410 155
35-40 550 185
45-50 680 220
55-60 720 265
>65 720 280