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Color Usage

Believe it or not, colors used on lettering and images effects the consumers view on something. When creating a banner, sign, or anything involving advertisement you want to make sure that your color choices are safe, yet exciting. There are some cases in which good ole black and white is all you need but, sometimes it is good to get creative and stick out from the crowd. With all the signs out there, there are plenty of black and white letters, when you change it up your standing out and catching the eye of more viewers.

Although you want to stand out, you dont want to become tacky. This meaning that your colors are clashing taking away from what the letters say and what they actually look like. On a banner you should be able to express what you need to with 3 colors. The background, the main wording, and the advertising “bullets.” This gives the viewer a nice image and gets your point across.

Below is a color combination chart to give you an idea:


Specialty Films-Stormtrooper White

For a high-end, understated custom look the stormtrooper white is the way to go. The equivilant to the matte black it takes away the glossy look from the white but still portrays a sleek look! Its a great primary color, whether you only have that or add a stripe or decal with it. It gives your vehicle a classy look which will get heads turning on the streets.


Specialty Films-Matte Black

Matte black is a style which gives all the slickness of black but takes away the gloss, leaving you with a solid base matte (flat) black. No more light glistening of your car, some people refer to is at batman black, you  can become invisible in the dark. Matte black can be done as just a full body wrap and left alone, or a full body wrap with other colors used at accent to bring them out.

*In the picture below you can contrast the gloss color from the matte black.


More common then using the matte black as your primary color is using it as the accent, such as a strip or for mirrors. Because the gloss is taken from the black it does an excellent job in portraying your primary color and really making it POP, such as a candy red or blue. It is very popular to see this color as a stripe on the hood or down the side of a car.


Specialty Film-Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is a sleek and exciting pattern that has been around but is starting to have some new and more frequent looks on vehicles. In the past you would see pieces of a car such as the hood or roof in carbon fiber. Now with this new material it can be used as an accent for your paint job, graphic decal or strips. There are also many cars driving around as completely carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber is a very distinct look, usually being lighter in weight. When using vinyl carbon fiber material is does not decrease the weight of your vehicle but, at Laser Sharp Sign Design we can give you the best product of carbon fiber.Using 3M material, the best in the business, we can provide with carbon fiber colors, not only black, also grey, white and many other colors.


Commercial Vehicle Wraps

A commercial vehicle wrap is using any vehicle as a type of business marketing, promotion, or advertising tool. Or as we like to call it in the sign industry a mobile billboard. Vehicle wraps are effective for promotion because they combine a custom well thought out design with all the information needed. They are high impact, cost effective, and work well for any type of business.

Laser Sharp Sign Design can transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard. State of the art technology and great graphic designers will help to give your business new and effective advertisement.


Vehicle Wrap Industry Stats

The following stats are from the vehicle wrap industry as a whole. If you want the best in designs and production come to Laser Sharp Sign Design we will give you the best!

  • Mobile advertising may be the most efficient and effective form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions then any other outdoor advertising.
  • More then 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.
  • The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days.
  • One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-70,000 impressions a day.
  • Fleet vehicle wraps are be used for various types of advertising campaigns, including new product launch and even marketing, and are being used more and more in the marketing mix.
  • Fleet vehicle advertising increases name recognition 15 times greater then any other form of advertising.
  • 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate that they would base a buying decision of an ad they see.
  • Transit advertising has grown to be the second largest segment of the outdoor advertising industry in terms of dollars spent (as of 2003) representing 19%. The Outdoor Advertising industry has nearly doubled since 1993 from $1.19B to $2.09B in 2003. These numbers continue to grow each year.
  • 8 out of 10 Americans report they they have walked downtown, or into the city on average of 6.1 miles in the past week. This pedestrian traffic gives great opportunity for advertisers.

Indoor Decor

Laser Sharp Sign Design can also provide you with products for indoor decor such as lettering, stickers, or posters. Light up your room with an image or pop out letters. There are letters of all different shapes, sizes, colors and designs which allow you to mix it up and be creative with your walls. We can create a poster of any image to add some art work to the room. Indoor decor is easy and at a low cost you can add a little life to your room. Come stop by Laser Sharp Sign Design, you can check out our show room and get ideas from there. Simple products like these can turn around an environment, such as a dorm room for example.


How Big can You Blow Up Your Pictures

With new printing technology and large format printing a lot of people are curios to how large they can make their photos. An image can be blown up to any size, but the quality of that picture is what counts. When standard photos are enlarged they become blurry and pixelated. The chart below will show you how big you can blow up your digital pictures.

  Quality Comments Digital Camera dpi Range
Just about the finest quality possible!
200+ dpi
The casual photographer will see no difference to a slight difference when compared to Superb.
150-199 dpi
Better than Good, but not as good as Excellent. The typical photographer will be very happy with prints of this quality.
100-149 dpi
Quality that your typical photographer will be happy with.
80-99 dpi
Quality will depend on the individual picture. For larger size prints the typical photographer will find them acceptable, but the sharpness will not be as high as a Good quality print. Compelling subject matter may trump the loss of sharpness.
79 dpi or less

The sizes on this chart are not restrictions, they just provide you with what will be the most clean and crisp possible picture.











Three Main Reasons Vehicle Wraps Should be Your Choice of Advertisement

In any city it is essential to have advertisement in order to make your business survive. Although articles and the newspaper are great starts they have limited exposure and they do not always attract the attention of the reader. Something that does catch the eyes of millions of people a year are vehicle wraps. One of the best forms of advertisement on the market.

1) Vehicle wraps have a longer lasting market exposure. With a one time fee of applying your vehicle wrap you now have it between 5-7 years if wanted. With about 16 million people seeing your vehicle each year there is plenty of potential to get your business sky rocketing. Unlike the ads in an article or newspaper you don’t have to keep repaying weekly or monthly to advertise. You can come down to Laser Sharp Sign Design in Tampa to check out our great products and get started on your new billboard on wheels.

2) Vehicle wraps have no limit of design or color you want to put on them. At Laser Sharp Sign Design you do not pay extra for more colors or images added to your wrap. We give you a blank start and you can turn it into whatever you like. We have put together some real eye catching designs that can make your car not only fashionable but also knowledgeable about your business. Peoples attention will be grabbed by the unique design, then they will focus on your company, what you do, and the information in order to contact you if needed.

3) Wraps do not have to be a full 100% wrap. We are able to do partial wraps covering only certain areas of your vehicle with all the essentials of good advertising. Another option is to not even wrap your own vehicle. Company vehicles are good to wrap as they will be seen by many viewers from job to job, plus they are also good to have on site for people to realize exactly what you may be doing. Or you could get on public transportation such as buses. Buses travel all day into high populated area, thus giving your advertisement many views.

Vehicle wraps are becoming more popular and are a great way to get some exposure. Stop in or call us at Laser Sharp Sign Design in Tampa. You can have a look at all of our great products and we can give you an estimate within the day.

Utilizing Vehicle Wraps

Effective advertising in Tampa is a tricky business. Though banners and signboards are a good form of advertisement, many entrepreneurs are looking into utilizing vehicle wraps to present their products or business. However, if you are new to this concept, you might be wondering what are vehicle wraps are and how to utilize them.

Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl that can be designed with custom graphics that matches your product or business. In this process, the vehicle will have a temporary color change, from bland white with a mish mash of attractive design. Though the cheaper versions are partial wraps, specific advertising will require full vehicle wrap to be more effective.
If you are looking into using this advertising strategy, consider these few methods to utilize vehicle wraps.
1. Wrap company vehicle.

Individual cars, transport vans, or trucks are perfect for these. In most cases, business owners will choose partial wraps printed with a simple logo, company names, and address to present the company

2. Wrap luxury vehicle.

Some entrepreneurs will rent a luxury vehicle to be fitted with full vehicle wrap and drive them around Tampa as part of an advertising campaign. Sleek black Porsche will have a dynamic color change. People will still note the shape of the Porsche and subliminally associate it with the product. It works best for luxury products like perfume, watches, and even financial products.

3. Wrap public transport.

This is another effective advertising although it can be slightly expensive. It is quite a common sight in Tampa to see a once ordinary bus to be fitted with vinyl wrap along its side or back. This is quite effective as the bus travels to highly populated destinations around Tampa. Therefore, if you think a bus or even a taxi would be attractive with your specified color change and custom graphics, call an established design and printing company in Tampa.Laser Sharp Sign Design is a great choice, they provide excellent customer service and create a fantastic finishing product.

Full vehicle wraps that create attractive color change to the appointed vehicles are great for many advertising campaign. If you are trying to enter Tampa market this strategy is worth considering. Contact us at Laser Sharp Sign Design and get your estimate today.