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Cut Vinyl for Advertisment

Choosing your banner

Every now and then people need a banner, whether its to promote, advertise, represent, or be used for personal use. Don’t get me wrong, some places need banners all the time, they use them for a wide variety of advertisement and showing off sales. But no matter what your use is I am going to give you tips on how to choose your banner. Believe it or not there are many different banner materials, some stronger then others, so depending how long you want this banner to last will determine which type of material you will start with. Now its time for the printing, there are two ways to apply the lettering/image on your banner. Those are cut vinyl and direct printing. Here are the advantages and disadvantages, Direct printing may take a little more out of the wallet but it creates a nicer image strait to the banner material. Also here at Laser Sharp Sign Design your limits to what you put on the banner when you direct print are endless with no extra charge. With the cut vinyl it takes time to manually install all lettering an images, so the more you want on the poster the pricier it gets. Now lets talk about the durability of the print vs. cut vinyl. If you want a banner to last about 5 years and stay in good condition I suggest you directly print it and get it laminated. This will give you a longer life span with better quality and the lamination will also serve as extra protection from scratches and weather. If you want a banner that you only need for a short while like 6-18 months and you know its going to get beat up a little, I would recommend the cut vinyl. This will still give you a nice image and get any point across while helping save a little money. If you ever have any questions give us a call at Laser Sharp Sign Design, we love helping our customers and our goal is to give you a great sign producing experience with a Laser Sharp ending result!

Put your Creativity to the test

With this BMW we took a spider man print and bonded it together with a grey carbon fiber. With a HP printer and Graphtec cutter we were able to print the spider and web and follow it up by putting it in the cutter. By putting it is the cutter we were able to easily cut out half of the spider and then place it over the grey carbon fiber to bond the two materials together. We now have the effect of the carbon fiber being teared of and the spider image coming out from underneath. Get out of the original color ideas and come up with something like this to give your graphics custom looks such as this. Making you the center of attention.