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5 ways to spot it’s time for a business rebrand

A business brand or logo is the initial key in appearance and customer recognition. Its not only the name of a company that gets customers attention but the type of lettering and logo that they put together with that name.

Design at printing

As proud experts in print for business, we’ve helped many companies reap the rewards of creative design and print. So we understand what happens when businesses overlook their branding.

You know it’s time to rebrand your business when…

  1. …Your prospects don’t understand you

How well do your prospects and clients really understand what you have to offer them? Could it be that your overall marketing toolkit is confusing instead of enlightening them? If you ever get the feeling that your target audience just isn’t getting what your business is all about, then it’s probably time to consider a rebrand, applying strategic printing and design for your business.

  1. …You’re playing hide and seek with your brand

Here’s how to play branding hide and seek: pretend you’ve run out of brochures when you attend business fairs, direct people to your website with the proviso that “It’s a bit out of…

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Large Format Printing

Large format printing is one of the best ways to get attention from the audience. Although it only works if you go about the right ways of creating a large format object. What kind of camera do you have? Or what size is the image you found? Images used for this type of printing need to be large from the start. The bigger you are able to make you image the more crisp and clear it will be throughout the printing process. The link below gets into more detail about large format printing.

With new cameras or even I-phones and Droids you can adjust the settings on your camera in order to take a picture at a high enough resolution where large format printing can be done. As an example many people send us images they want blown up and printed in a larger scale in a small jpeg file, the problem with this is that this file does not give the clearest image after being enhanced and blown up through Photoshop. The best formats to use are TIFF, talked about in the link above, and the vector format which correlates very well with Photoshop and provides a great, very clear image. In addition to the image format the type and size of the printer being used plays another big role. The 60” hp DesignJet L26500 is what we use at our company and it provides for a Laser Sharp image!

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